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Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation, which is performed by a professional team in a sterile environment, is among the treatment methods preferred by many people with hair loss nowaday.

In order to do this procedure, first of all, the clinic that will make the surgery must be chosen well.

Since hair transplantation is a type of surgery, the environment must be suitable for it.

Hair transplant operations are performed by experienced and knowledgeable doctors in our aesthetic clinic.

In this procedure, the planting process is completed with zero error by pre-designing where and how much the roots will be planted. Otherwise, a fluffy and unpleasant appearance may occur.

What Should be Considered in Hair Transplantation ?

Our clinic offers you professional service in hair transplantation. When you want to have a hair transplant, the roots are taken without any damage and transplanted in the same way. If hair follicles are damaged, hair may not grow in that area. Even the loss of existing hair is among the possibilities, and the person’s hair structure may have a worse appearance than before. For this reason, our doctors pay great attention to this.

Hair follicles should be taken proportionally during transplantation. The roots taken must be planted expertly and the materials used for the whole process must be in accordance with the hygiene conditions.Hair transplantation performed in a non-sterile environment may cause an infection .For this reason, all the necessary details for your health are taken care of at our clinic.

What are the Side Effects of Hair Transplantation ?

Hair transplant side effects may occur in for some patients. Our clinic informs candidats who want to have a transplant about this issue in advance. Accordingly, the main side effects are bleeding, infection, serious wounding or loss of sensation in the area where the hair follicles are taken, cobblestone appearance, dermoid cyst, hair growth in the wrong direction, and accelerated hair loss.
The occurrence of these side effects differs from person to person.
Since every doctor serving in hair transplantation in our clinic is an expert in his work, the possibility of operation-based side effects is almost non-existent.

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