Facial Aesthetics

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Facial Aesthetics

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 The operation applied to eliminate the damage on the face, to correct the wrinkles and sagging appearance on the skin, to eliminate the damage and scars, and to obtain a younger facial appearance is called the facial aesthetics. Facelift is an aesthetic procedure to prevent aging in both the face and neck area. Facelift surgeries cannot completely stop aging around the face. However, it is possible to slow down these effects when it is realised by a specialist doctor.

  • Facial asthetics requires good physical and spiritual preparation. You need to pay attention to your nutrition and sleep patterns for some time before the surgery.
  • Facial aesthetics is not just for radical changes. Facial deformations and similar cases can also be evaluated as medical aesthetics.
  • Facial aesthetic surgeries require extremely special attention. Our clinic is a leader in facial aesthetic surgery. Our doctor provides necessary support before and after the surgery. After our facial aesthetic surgery, you look natural, not weird.

Surgeries Applied in the scope of Facial Aesthetics

We help all our patients to achieve a natural, young and lively look.

We determine the facial aesthetic applications under the supervision of our specialist doctor, depending on the wishes and needs of our patients. In order to eliminate the deformations on the face, we perform various facial aesthetic surgeries such as eyebrow lifting, eyelid surgery, liposuction from the neck, fat injection to make the cheeks fuller, in addition to facelift surgery.

We can perform classical facelift surgery, which is one of our facial aesthetic surgeries, through procedures such as limited facelift and neck lift. The incisions made in the face lift process, which are made by our specialist doctors in our aesthetic center, are usually made starting from the hairline in the temple area. The incision starts around the ear and ends at the bottom of the head. The fat tissue in the face and neck area is completely dispersed or reshaped. The excess skin here is removed and the folds are corrected.

In order to interfere with the effects of aging on the neck, it may be necessary to make a incision under the chin. These incisions are closed with stitches or special skin adhesives after surgery. In some facial aesthetic surgeries, small incisions can be made in the temple area. These incisions start around the ear and continue under the upper lip. In case of loose neck skin, sagging in the neck and fat accumulation under the chin, neck stretching may be needed.

The main factor we consider in facial aesthetic surgeries is the wishes of the patient. Therefore, when our patients want to have facial aesthetic surgery, it is very important that they first visit our aesthetic center and get detailed information about the surgery from our specialists in facial aesthetics. Patients should openly express their expectations to our doctor.