Op. Dr. Aydın Tekgöz

We know that the most important issue to be considered in aesthetic surgery is naturalness and beauty. For this reason, our expert staff, care to keep the quality of the process is stable.


How we look usually has a direct impact on our mood. And the origin of our feelings may be coming from here.

— John D. Mariceria

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  • What We Do?

    • Body Aesthetics

      Brazilian butt lift (BBL) ie hip lift, breast enlargement, abdominal and waist fat intake and restructuring, liposuction and all methods of restorative / corrective.

    • Facial Aesthetics

      Nose, chin, facial reconstruction. Cheek (mid face) and neck stretching. Liposuciton and other corrective surgeries.

  • How We Do?

    • After the process is completed, we carry out your checks regularly and keep you informed on what to consider.

    • Before we start the operation, we inform you about the process and give you an idea of ​​how you will look.


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